The Flute

I can’t help but wonder where in the world my daughter got the idea that she wants to learn how to play the flute. She has gone through several instruments, trying to find the right one for her to really concentrate on and learn. I really thought that she had given up on music all together until last night at the dinner table when she announced that she was finding flutes to be interesting and was feeling the urge to learn how to play one.

When I hear of flutes I always think of Christmas. Since we are experiencing a heat wave right now, just the thought of Christmas was exciting and I found myself really encouraging her to go ahead and give it a try. Hopefully one of these days she will figure out the perfect instrument, it could very well be the trumpet. As far as I’m concerned you won’t know until you try. I think we will start with an inexpensive flutophone that I can order online for only a few dollars!

cheap way to start out

Grover-Trophy Flutophone Black R401

A Day at the Pool

Today was the perfect day to go to the pool. Everyone slept in a little late this morning. We didn’t get back from the fireworks until nearly midnight and everyone was wired up from all of the excitement of all of the wonderful displays that our local recreation center produced this year, in celebrating the 4th of July.

flag and fireworkds

Happy 4th of July America

Once the house started waking up and everyone had fed their face with some type of nourishment from my fully stocked kitchen. I went shopping yesterday and spent a fortune on items to take with us to the show, things like beer, wine, wine coolers, sodas, Gatorade, bottled water, chips, dips, crackers, cookies, fruits, well you get the point. So the kitchen is now over flowing with munchies that should last all week-end long, maybe.

Anyway, we decided that today was the first nice day that we have had in a while so we packed up all of our swimming pool gear and took off for a day in the sun and water fun. It was great, fun was had by all, even Hubby came along this time, which is rare these days, and now I’m totally beat and sun burned and ready for bed.

By the way, a belated Happy Independence Day to America, may God Bless us all!

NoBrainerBlinds – it’s a no brainer indeed

When we first moved into this house we are now in, we thought we needed to get rid of all the white paint that was everywhere. So we painted room room a different color to make it more comfortable for us to live in. We went nuts over all kinds of really nice piece’s of furniture with matching tables and curtains and and some nice blinds that just fit with the room.

Well my husband and I were thinking about upgrading our window wear and try to make it unique as possible, so we got on to the computer in search for window blinds that have our style we were looking for. We came across a company called NoBrainerBlinds that sells unique window blinds, and we were so amazed on how fabulous these blinds were. Each and every one of them were very much unique.

Not too long after ordering, we put up our new blinds and we were so happy with our choices, talk about great service, with wonderful options.

One Heck Of A Great Amp

Last years Fourth of July celebration with the family went really well. The weather was a bit on the hot side, but at least it didn’t rain. The past couple of years it has rained so that the city firework display had to be cancelled which is always a big let down for the kids, both big and small.

Several family members brought their musical instruments which made for a really good time. It’s a good thing that the neighbors were all at the party so that they were enjoying the music as well. We have been blessed with the best neighbors ever since we have lived here. Having a grumpy neighbor can really make life miserable. Our neighbors Joan and John both play music as well. The tweaker that they just purchased last month came in handy and worked really well for such a small sized amp. Sometimes good things really do come in small packages.

We can only hope that this years will be as much as a success as this year. Guess time will tell.

tweaking in a good way

Egnater Tweaker Series Head and Tweaker 1×12 Half Stack

Out With The Old And In With The New

For years I have been dying to upgrade every piece of technology I have in the house, and try to make it more comfortable to us, and more appealing to the eye. Well I have taken a lot of electronics and sold them at the flea market to get a little bit back for all of it, and I am now ready to go shopping for my 56′ Big screen TV that I have always wanted. I am so excited to think about when I see my family’s faces when I arrive home with a huge TV.