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Looking forword to a slow week

I only am scheduled for two shifts this week at the mall, Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon, I’ve been lucky lately and haven’t worked a week-end for well over a month, so I guess I can’t complain too much.

My brother has emailed me that he has a PC for me and will coming up for a visit soon and bring it with so that he can set it up and hook it up, ready, set, go, 1,2,3 and all of that.  I guess it will be going onto the dining room table, we never use it to eat on anyway, maybe once a month, if that, we all sit down together.  At least I will be close to the kitchen, bathroom, front and back door, right smack dab in the middle of the house, easily accessible to everyone that is so dependent on me for every single little thing.  Oh my, I sound a bit resentful don’t I?

I hope the weather will be consistent this week, it needs to make up it’s mind if we are going to be hot or cold, wet or dry, I could plan my week a little better if I knew what to expect.  Guess we will find out the old fashioned way, wait and see.

Daughter’s surgery – Part III

That happiness didn’t last that long. Friday morning I woke up feeling nauseous, and had a fever up to 101.5 and had throbbing pain when I moved AT ALL!  I had called the ambulance again, and they took me back to the ER, and that same Doctor that told me if anything like a fever, or unbeatable pain came back, then I should come straight back immediately! So I did,  and that Doctor Scolded me out for being there! He was so ignorant, that he made the impression on me that he was only doing the job for the money, and he didn’t care about his patients. I couldn’t believe it. So after me giving him a mouthful he finally admitted me to a room to myself again, and had care given to me by anyone but him. The next day, the Doctor came in and apologized to me about his attitude, and told me more proper procedures I could take. So I took the best options that were possible, and had chosen to get my second surgery done at the end of this new week. As of right now, I’m still in pain, but not close to what I was in before, and praying to God that he helps me through this time.”

Ms. Jinx – Pack rat

As I said earlier Ms. Jinx has lived in the same house for over sixty years of her life, raised a family of five, divorced her cheating husband in the eighties, has lost two of her children and now has numerous grandchildren coming and going all over the place.

Ms. Jinx is a pack rat, but at least she is orderly about it, boxes and boxes of stuff going way back in time, but it is all sorted, categorized, and labeled which makes the task of downsizing a bit easier.

She has been downsizing for the past couple of years, knowing that the move would come and she even had a few yard sales.  I think she needs to have another one and soon.

Hubby and I have been going over there when we can and help her sort and box and stack and lift and move and store and etc…………..

Ms. Jinx

I have never met a more kinder spirit in a person than our sweet Ms. Jinx, she and my mother have been the best of friends since before I was born.  All of their kids played with one another, husbands socialized nicely with each other, it was a like a wonderful 1950 & 60’s black and white perfect television series.

Ms. Jinx is now in her late 70’s and just recently sold her house that she had lived in for almost 60 of her years, and is moving to Florida.  I will miss being able to stop in for a visit when in the neighborhood almost anytime day or night, Ms. Jinx was almost always at home.  Her eyesight isn’t the best, so she doesn’t like to drive much unless it is really needed, and then she will only drive during the day.

She is too old and her health isn’t the best to drive the long drive all the way to Florida so she is busy packing up a moving van, she will take a taxi to the airport, and is looking into having her car transported for her by a company that offers safe and efficient reliable car transporting services.  It has to be affordable also, otherwise Ms. Jinx wouldn’t dream of spending her money loosely, she is the Queen of Frugalness, one of her many qualities that I received from spending large amounts of time with her.

One of her many sons sent her a link to a company that seems to fit the bill.  She of course sent the link to my mother, who is turn sent to me and it goes on from there to other brothers and sisters to see if anyone has an opinion of any use.

I like that the deliver the vehicle right to your door and that there is no need to deal with a long stressful drive when you can have someone who is licensed and bonded to do it for you.

My first surgery (part two)

Well I’ll try to finish my story now:

Thursday morning came along and I was starting to feel the Throbbing pains again, thankfully, the IVs saved me again. About when 9:00 comes along, the Doctor with no personality came in and told me that his two surgery appointment’s had been canceled, and I was next in line. So he drew on my tummy and put the whole hair net on me, and I had asked the Doctor a few questions, paranoid at that, being my first surgery and all,  and had told me “Don’t worry about it, of course it’ll hurt, but it’ll be OK, just let me do my job and get it over with!” I was like “WHAT?!” What kinda Doctor doesn’t answer questions before Surgery? This Doctor had upset me to the point of no return. He had put me under, and I had woken up about three hours later with my Daughter there by my side.  The Doctor came in again and explained the procedure I went through, telling me that he put a stint in my kidney so it could drain out the infected fluids, and so it could help the Kidney Stone pass on its own, which he said there was a 50/50 chance that would happen. So he had told me to go home later, take my medicine as prescribed, and return next Monday to get the stint removed and hopefully laser the Stone to break it up into little pieces so it’ll pass if it already didn’t. So I went home, happy as can be because I had finally found out what was wrong with me.

Guess I’ll try and finish this later, kids are hollering for me to fix dinner, ugh!