Monthly Archives: November 2008

One holiday dinner down, one to go….

I have had my hands full this past week, it was my turn, this year,┬áto host the family Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner and I think that I pulled it off without a single hitch. We had a total of 23 family members attend, plus my whole gang, along with a few of their friends that attended as well, which put us at a grand total of 30! I’m so glad that I don’t have to do that again for a few years, and someone else is hosting the Christmas dinner that is coming in less than a month.

Everyone had a nice time, hassle free, no drama and now we have a refrigerator full of those wonderful holiday season leftovers to enjoy. The kitchen wasn’t completely cleaned up before hitting the sack, and I was pleased and surprised to see that when I got up this morning that someone had gone the extra mile last night and finished up what I was planning on doing this morning, and no one is fessing up this morning, so I have no idea who to thank and give special hugs and kisses to for their random act of kindness that is so appreciated by me today.

Marlo Thomas

Once in a great while I’ll record our NBC’s program “The Today Show”, to that I can enjoy some of the stories and features that are some times really interesting, entertaining, and educational, later on when I get a chance.

I have been a fan of Marlo Thomas for as long as I remember, from the days of seeing her on “That Girl” and have tried to follow her career through out the years. This morning she was on “The Today Show” talking about the foundation that she has gotten so heavily involved in for many years, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I haven’t see her in some time and almost didn’t recognize her, but after she talked started in all started to fall into place, and still looking good, must be pushing 60 by now I’d think.

I think her Dad would be proud of all she has accomplished and has done with her life and talents.