Monthly Archives: December 2008

Wal Mart

It is sad news to hear that so many large established retail companies are going out of business, filing for bankruptcy, and closing their doors. Big companies like Circuit City and Linens & Things, sad and scary news.

The big story is that Wal Mart is the only store that is making money at this point. Retail sales are way down this holiday season, but good old Wal Mart is fairing better than the rest and making the all might dollars like crazy. That just doesn’t sit well with me for some reason, what a mess we have gotten into.

DUI, DWI, it’s all the same

My husband’s best buddies have been living right out of the L.A. area for the past 5 years or so now. His bud, Jason, likes to go out and have a good time and this grown man certainly knows better than to get behind the wheel anywhere after consuming any type of alcohol beverages these days. The major effort that the police have put in their campaign to get drunk drivers off of the road has been widely publicized and we all know people that have lost their license, their jobs, their careers, the relationships, not to mention all of the monies that will be tied up in all of the court fees and charges.

It seems that the first time that he let his better judgment take over, due to a female being in the picture, of course, and he took a chance and now he is finding himself in deep trouble. It is a good thing that he has all ready lined up an attorney or he would be in jail right now.

Adam Walsh, Case Closed

It is good to hear that the Walsh family will now be able to close the door (but not their hearts) on this unresolved tragic crime that was committed so long ago to their six year old son.At last they have finally closed the books and the case is now fully and completely through and done with. Too bad that the real criminal is all ready in Hell, I’m sure that they were plenty of people that would have liked to be there for his finale words and breath in this screwed up world.

This poor family has suffered for so long and have done such great things due to this horrific tragedy, I commend them all and wish them the warmest seasons greetings this year.

IP Addresses and your computer

I have to tell you that I am pretty familiar with computers, we have had a PC in the house for over twelve years, at least, but who is counting? Hubby and I both use computers and work and of course we use it quite a bit a home for all kinds of reasons, email being the most important.

But when it comes to the complicated issues over and above are basic needs neither one of us really have a limited knowledge of a lot of things. I do have a brother who is a computer whiz, if any family member needs assistance, he is the one that we call.

Over the family Thanksgiving dinner, that was held a few weeks ago, we heard my brother discussing computer issues with another family member, which caught my husband’s attention and he ended up sitting in on the conversation, which included the topic of IP addresses and the like.

It appears that the IP address is very important to some people so that they can identify their visitors geographical location, their country, their zip code, time zone, connection speed and much more. This is fascinating information that hubby and I were completely unaware of and has us wanting to learn more. My brother instructed my hubby to visit, a website dedicated to IP address information, and it is full of good information that I think is worth while to pass on to others here.

Basement Discovery

I was in the basement earlier today, attempting to dig out some of the Christmas boxes, when I noticed an unfamiliar box on the shelf. I could not believe my eyes when I opened the box and found a Christmas present that we had bought our youngest for last Christmas, it appears that we neglected to wrap it and put it under the tree last year.

Well it’s one more gift that I don’t have to worry about affording and purchasing in the next week or two, and it will most definitely find it’s way under the tree in time for this year’s gift giving frenzy!