Monthly Archives: February 2009

The Flu Has Now Reared It’s Ugly Head

They were not kidding on the evening news last week, I heard a story telling how the flu has not hit us hard this year, as of yet. That being said, they stated that it is just getting a late start and how the state of Virginia was just now getting hit with this years flu, and it hit my family hard, just a few short days of the news story.

We were really running low on so many things around the house and the refrigerator was looking pretty bare, and hubby was still looking pretty piqued today, so I decided to go out and brave the world on my own, armed with a pretty long list and my debit card. I really wanted him to get another good day of some rest and possible sleep while he can.

It did not take long to spend over $200 at the supermarket, but by the time I got home and unloaded it all from the car into the house and put away, I was too pooped to fix anything for our dinner. My hubby, at that point, insisted that he was up to the task and managed to put together the first decent home made meal that we both have had and enjoyed the taste of only once, ha ha!