Monthly Archives: June 2010


It never ceases to amaze me how my children can irritate me one minute and then bring tears of joy to my eyes the next. My youngest, bless her soul, is starting in on her teen years as a preteen with attitude. Not a mean or nasty attitude, more of an attitude along the lines of,  ” I can’t be bothered!”. Which can drive a mother nuts when you’re trying to get then to do something like simple chores.

But just when you reach the end of your rope they do something sweet and unexpected like helping out without being asked, or just asking what can they do to help ease the burden. Our youngest cleaned up the living room and the bathroom without being asked to do so. When I approached her on it she said, “Mom, it needed to be done and you looked tired, so I did it so you wouldn’t have to worry about it later.”

I love my kids, they’re good kids.