Monthly Archives: September 2010

My friend now has her own blog

My long time best friend, Rachel, listens to me as I talk on and on at times about my blogging and she has finally consented to give it and try, which tickles me pink! She has been doing it forĀ over three weeks now, posting sometimes a couple of posts a day.

She was frantic when her PC crashed for 2 days, she had to get her son to come over and work his computer magic and got it back up and running, good as new. During her down time we spent several hours on the phone, which has become something that we don’t do much anymore since we rely on email and Instant Messengers so much.

Anyway, Rachel is once again happy to be back blogging, she has found it to be as therapeutic as I have, let’s you release some of your negative energy onto the keyboard and feel better after doing so. So a new blogger has been born, Welcome, Rachel!