Monthly Archives: April 2011

Browser Issues

I’ve used Internet Explorer for my internet browser ever since it was first invented. I have faithfully upgraded every time it told me to, including last night when I got a message to install the IE-9. So I did that and now my blog doesn’t work. The screen freezes up and I can’t type anything.

So I had to switch over to Firefox and try using that browser. At least it is free and it seems to be working with my blog. I guess this old dog just needs to learn a few more new tricks and learn how to use another browser now.

Have a Blessed Easter


Will I see you tomorrow morning for the Easter Sunrise service? If you only go to church once a year, I think the Easter Sunrise service is the one time you should go. It is so inspiring and so worth the early alarm setting.

My Sister Drives Me Crazy!

My sister is a lot older than me, so we were never really close while growing up. She got married right away and moved out of the area with her new husband, who my parents could not stand. So I have not really had the advantages of being sisters with her.

But now that we are older, I was hoping we could rekindle a relationship. After all, we are family.But it can be days, if not weeks, before she returns my phone calls and emails. I hope it is because she is just very busy with her family, but I wonder if she just doesn’t even want a sister in her life?