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Memorial Day Salute

memorial day

Today I watched a special show on the cable’s Military Channel while cooking dinner. It described the World War II battles in the Pacific Theater. That is where my grandfather was stationed while in the Navy. He did not fight at Iwa Jima, but he was on a nearby island. Every time I see the Iwa Jima stature, I think of my grandfather and what it must have been like to be fighting that war in the Pacific.

Arizona Tea

The grocery store has stopped carrying the Sobe flavored waters that I like and have switched to a new line of flavored waters. Or maybe they have just expanded a line that they have carried all along. The Arizona brand teas and flavored waters seem to have two extra shelves now where the Sobe teas and waters used to be.

I have tried the Arizona teas and do not like them as well as the Sobe flavors. So I’ll be looking for a new grocery store to shop at regularly. If I’m going thave to go elsewhere for my favorite daily beverage, I might as well do all the week’s shopping there.


Here we are in the last month of public school The kids are ready to get out of their classrooms and out on the beaches and parks for their summer break.

My kids have always loved school, but they love their vacation time more. I am trying to think of some good things to do over the summer break that will interest them and keep them busy.

In the meantime, the teachers are still trying to teach these kids a few things. I know that my kids are still bring home an hour or more of homework each night and still have some books to finish reading.