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Today’s Libra 10/26/11


LIBRA (That’s me)

A warm smile from a stranger will send more electricity through your body than the loudest rock concert ever could today. You are entering a phase where it’s the smaller things in life you appreciate most. So turn down the volume on your life and take a look around you. Look again — there are things you never noticed before that hold a great deal of intrigue and reward. Many treasures are there for you to find. You just have to look for them a bit more closely.



Female Issues

My best friend and I have known each other for over 40 years and there isn’t anything that we haven’t talked about with each other but it did feel rather strange when she was telling me that she was seeing a doctor about having surgery done for vaginal relaxation.

I decided that I should research a little bit about this subject and came across a website that talks about all kinds of vaginal surgeries that are available. I had no idea that there were so many surgeries that were available for the vaginal area, so this particular web-site was very enlightening indeed.

I hope that my girlfriend picks a doctor that has good credentials, because I would think you would want to be very particular about what doctor performs surgery on such a vulnerable and important area on the female body.


Hubby sure was happy to see us come home from the church supper with a big bundle of leftovers for him to enjoy. He gets to enjoy the good food without having to deal with the in-laws! Not that he minds anyone in my family really, but he just wanted to just stay at home this day and take a day to himself and get some rest. His meds are really hard on him some days and I know he needed the rest. So at least he didn’t miss out on any of the good food.


Libra me

I can’t imagine what could motivate me more than cold hard cash, but we will see the day is young and I am said to be open minded.  On second thought sleep would make me extremely happy, I stayed up all night long last night on the computer, couldn’t sleep and got tired of tossing and turning and hearing Hubby snoring right by my ear.  I’m not how I am going to function today, it’s any body’s guess.