Monthly Archives: February 2012

Leap Year Birthday Boys

Every year I start looking for Leap Year Birthday cards to send to the to guys that were born on February 29th, Leap Year. It seems to me that there is a need for Leap Year Birthday cards and that the greeting card companies would realize this and offer the good folks that only get to celebrate their true birthday date once every four years a decent Leap Year birthday card.

What Happened To Winter?

It seems as if we never got to experience and enjoy winter this year. This has been the craziest weather that I can remember. We only have had two snow storms and I really wouldn’t call them storms, barely a dusting really. And now all of a sudden it seems as if we have jumped right into summer with the temperatures hitting the high 70’s.

I’m not complaining really, I hate winter and everything that goes along with winter, but is this a true sign of Global Warming or what? Scary thoughts to ponder.

I Was So Lonely

My youngest daughter has been watching me blog and has been asking me questions about it, so I thought that I would allow her to post on my blog when she feels the urge to, so the following post is from her:

“Last week during lunch at school I had to eat lunch by myself. Well, I wasn’t completely alone at the lunch table. There were two girls there, but I didn’t know them that well. And they never really talked to me.  But none of my friends sat with me for the whole week! One of my friends sat at a special table for the week. My other friend sat with her boyfriend on Monday and Friday, like she always does, and the rest of the week she went to sit with her “mother” and “sister”. They weren’t really her mother and sister, they were actually just some of her other friends. So I was all alone for the whole week at lunch. Sort of. I felt kind of……abandoned?

I hope this week everything is back to normal. Because if it isn’t, I’m going to make my friends fell very guilty. Wouldn’t you?”


My Science Project

Hello, I’m Darlene’s daughter and my science partner and I have a science project due on February 24 about Saturn. My partner has the pictures of the Milky Way and Saturn’s clouds. While I get the information together about Saturn. I really wish that our project was all done and over with. It’s getting pretty hard with all this information. But I’m glad that we have about four or six days to finish it. We’ve been able to do a lot of the work at our houses even we can’t go to each others houses while doing it there. That would make it a lot easier for us. Just in case we didn’t think what we did is good or not. That is probably the hardest part about the project. (I wonder if I should have done it by myself or with a partner? Hmmm.)

People At My School Say I’m A Goody Goody.

Some of the students at my school at school say I’m a goody goody, I think the teachers appreciate it though. A goody goody is someone that always follow the rules and never does any thing that disobeys the rules. That is me, but I don’t mind being called a goody goody. Even though I am, I’m proud of it. To me I think kids, and adults, should not disobey the rules. I like for everyone to be good, but we all know that’s never going to happen no mater how much we want it to be.  (I wonder if that’s why not many people like me? Maybe not or maybe so. I don’t know.) Well, I got to go now, goodbye!