Holiday Getaways

September 13, 2014 by Dar

This is the first year that we didn’t manage to get a way for a week or at least a long weekend before school started. Between all the non-stop drama that seems to be never ending around here and the lack of any extra money in the budget we have pretty much stuck here in town and at the house.

But there is hope that we might be able to squeeze out enough money and time to do a winter getaway. There is always a first time for everything they say. I have been check out some of the groupon getaways that I was told about and I feel myself getting excited about actually being away for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. At first I found myself getting all sentimental about not being with all our other friends and family members during these crazy and hectic holidays, but after giving it more thought I really think that it would be a good thing to try for once.

It is always such a pain trying to prepare for the usual holiday festivities that take so much time, energy, money and emotion. Trying to please everyone, even knowing darn well that is impossible, but I seem to keep on trying year after year after year. And to be honest I really get tired of eating so much turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy at each and every family members house that we are compelled to visit each Thanksgiving and then a month later do it all over again for Christmas.

I’ll get you posted on what I come up with and when.

Choreographed Wedding Dance Lessons

September 8, 2014 by Dar

I’m so glad that Sharon is being pro active in organizing the wedding dance lessons santa monica as she was advised to do. It can take up to six months to get all the people and the dance all choreographed, even more if the people involved lived farther out than some of the others. I’m lucky that it is only a short trip for me to get to the dance studio. I usually get there early so that I can stretch out and limber up. If I didn’t I don’t think I would be able to be much good on the dance floor. The older I get the harder it is to stay in shape. Dancing is a wonderful way to exercise. I miss going out and dancing on the weekends like we did back in the day.

Hubby isn’t half bad on the dance floor, as long as he has a couple of beers under his belt. Before the kids came along we went out dancing at least 2 or 3 times a month. So being invited to participate in this choreographed wedding dance is right up my alley. I can only hope I do it justice!

Our Local Dance Doctor

John The Dance Doctor

They need air flow

September 2, 2014 by Dar

While I was out and about I decided to stop by the insurance company where I used to work, years ago. My old boss is still there and he gave me a tour of their new offices. They’ve added another floor in the same building to their office space and made a whole new data center since I worked there. So they are like twice as big as they were.

They even have a clean room for all the computer servers. But with all that equipment running 24/7, one of the things they desperately need is electronic system simulation from Flovent, that will create the perfect air flow in their new office. I learned about air flow from my brother, the computer expert, when he showed me the data center he built for one of his clients near my sister’s house. So I guess I know enough about it to be a little dangerous!
He had said such wonderful things about Flovent, that I will definitely be calling him to get in touch with my old boss and help them put in an application for Flovent’s great services. He might even do some more work for them as a consultant.

I need a new computer

August 26, 2014 by Dar

The computer that I use is in my young son’s bedroom.  It has to keep up with 4 different users trying to use it 24/7 and I’m getting so tired of it.  I can’t get on when I want because there is always someone already using it and when I can get on it takes forever for it to boot up and it is so darn slow, but it usually gets the job done somehow.

There I feel better now that I vented.

P.S.  I hear the one of my brothers has a computer for me to use, he just hasn’t had the time to come and install it for me.  Looks like it will be placed on the dining room table, we never use it for meals anyway!

My Poor Old Couch

August 21, 2014 by Dar

One of my concerns with all of the critters that have been brought into our home, is keeping the furniture, the carpet and actually the whole darned house clean. Considering that I am the only one that does any of the house cleaning around here this whole burden is mine to deal with.

My poor old couch, I have had to have it cleaned so many types and I’ve taken the sofa cushions and given them a nice spraying of Febreeze and a few hours of hanging up outside in the fresh air, when possible. I am thinking that it won’t be much longer before we need to seriously consider purchasing a new sofa for the living room. Maybe something to think about when tax time comes around next April.