Plans for Spring Break

April 3, 2014 by Dar

Ever since mom and dad retired and moved to Florida, they have been inviting us to come visit. Since we are expecting snow this week, the thought of balmy Florida breezes and letting the kids run loose at Disney or Universal is sounding pretty good to me right now.

The hard part of traveling with a teenager is that she always makes plans to do things with “her friends” and she has little interest in spending precious time away from school with her family. I wonder if there is enough in Orlando to tempt her? I can’t leave her behind, but I don’t want a pouty and bitter teenager there against her will, either. She could spoil the trip for everyone with one of her “moods.”

What to do? What to do?

The Prom

March 28, 2014 by Dar

The charlotte dj that has been hired for this year’s high school senior prom has come highly recommended by several people that have used them before. Having the right dj can make or break a party and the prom is a huge ordeal. Hundreds of kids are looking forward to their prom, spending an outrageous amount on the whole event, so the dj just has to be great.

I did not graduate from high school, so I didn’t get to go to my prom. I didn’t think it was a big deal back then, but now I really regret not sticking it out longer at school (although I did go back and get my GED) and graduating with my classmates and going to the prom. That is why I am so involved with making each year’s prom a great one for the kids at the local high school. It will be a couple more years before my kids will be going to the prom. I can only pray that they will graduate and have the opportunity to do all the cool things that seniors get to do, including the prom!

Mom Wants And Needs A New PC

March 22, 2014 by Dar

One of my brothers is the computer whiz in our family, but since he has recently gotten himself married he isn’t as available as much as he used to be.  I have depended on him for 90% of my computer needs and Hubby for the other 10%.  I  mean I can switch ink cartridges and add paper, but that is about my limit, sad but true.

The time has now come that I need to be more independent when it comes to the computer, I spend so much time on one, it makes sense to learn more about it.  So the next computer that I get I am going to dive in and learn.  In fact I have found a web-site that specializes in PC that you can build yourself, the instructions are in English and offers plenty of illustrations to help, pictures are good!

I found an easy site to navigate thru and I’m thinking that maybe I will order one of their PC Kits that comes with everything needed to build your own PC with, except a screwdriver, I have plenty of those, just need to find the right one when it’s needed.

I’m getting excited about a new coming into the house, I wonder if I should call my brother and ask his opinion on the idea of me trying this out.  Boy I just can’t seem to do anything computer related with out bothering him with something, maybe he will be happy to see my trying and will feel sympathetic and will come assist me, just in case, Hubby can be really grumpy when I ask for his help.  He is so grumpy even the kids won’t ask for his assistance with their homework.

Willie Nelson and Marty Stuart’s Acoustic Guitars

March 16, 2014 by Dar

Here’s Marty!

Marty Stuart with acoustic guitar

Marty Stuart with Guitar

One of the people who come to mind instantly when you say anything about country music or the Grand Old Opry is Marty Stuart. He has been a performer for over 40 years – it wouldn’t take long to look up and find out, but I don’t see the need to at this point. I think you get my drift.

Trigger since 1969

Willie Nelson’s Guitar – Trigger

I remember reading that he left home at a very young age to come to Nashville and play guitar. He looks great and I love the suit he is wearing in this photo! He seems to have a variety of electric and acoustic guitars that he is seen performing with. Not like Willie Nelson who only plays his one and only acoustic guitar who he has called Trigger since he got it back in 1969, if my memory serves me correctly. Trigger seems to have an interesting story behind it. If you are into Willie Nelson at all – it is an entertaining story that can be found all over the Internet. I use Wikipedia a lot even though I have been warned time and time again about trusting what you read there. But honestly I don’t trust anything 100% of what I read or hear anyway.

LA Police Gear

March 11, 2014 by Dar

My best friend’s husband has just gotten the interesting job of becoming our fair city’s Swat team leader last month. When my husband and I last went over to their house to visit we were very impressed with all of the different gear and tools he had shown us. I asked him how much all of this equipment had cost him, and he replied back that we could look it up on the Internet and check out some other cool stuff, with awesome deals.

The certain kind of gear he had was Blackhawk Gear, that can be looked up at They had so many cool things on there that I have never even seen before, it was quit interesting to see all the different things they had to offer.