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One Heck Of A Great Amp

Last years Fourth of July celebration with the family went really well. The weather was a bit on the hot side, but at least it didn’t rain. The past couple of years it has rained so that the city firework display had to be cancelled which is always a big let down for the kids, both big and small.

Several family members brought their musical instruments which made for a really good time. It’s a good thing that the neighbors were all at the party so that they were enjoying the music as well. We have been blessed with the best neighbors ever since we have lived here. Having a grumpy neighbor can really make life miserable. Our neighbors Joan and John both play music as well. The tweaker that they just purchased last month came in handy and worked really well for such a small sized amp. Sometimes good things really do come in small packages.

We can only hope that this years will be as much as a success as this year. Guess time will tell.

tweaking in a good way

Egnater Tweaker Series Head and Tweaker 1×12 Half Stack

Out With The Old And In With The New

For years I have been dying to upgrade every piece of technology I have in the house, and try to make it more comfortable to us, and more appealing to the eye. Well I have taken a lot of electronics and sold them at the flea market to get a little bit back for all of it, and I am now ready to go shopping for my 56′ Big screen TV that I have always wanted. I am so excited to think about when I see my family’s faces when I arrive home with a huge TV.

Driving Miss Daisy

Being a working mother makes it difficult to be able to watch an entire movie. If the phone rings or someone rings the doorbell it is me that gets up to tend to it and I’m always jumping up to get someone something to drink or eat or to switch the laundry to the dryer, etc……

Anyway, I could have sworn that I watched the entire movie “Driving Miss Daisy” years ago, but when I was flipping channels last night and found that this movie was the only thing on, I realized that I had missed most of the movie. Either that or my memory is worse than I though and I just don’t remember the darn thing. I’m glad that I watched it last night, it was a great movie.

a great movie

Driving Miss Daisy

Friends and Music

An best friend of mine I went to school with through out middle and high school, came to visit us last summer and we had a blast reconnecting after so many years. We haven’t been able to see each other as frequently as we used to due to us moving to different states and both having families. She also has a daughter that is around my daughter age, who came along with her to visit us.

During their visit we talked about so many things, but one thing that got us had all of our interests is playing the guitar a lot of it because of leo fender and his influence in music. Back in high school my friend and I played together after learning how to play by her brother and friends, that were in a garage band. Its the one thing that brought us closer over the years and now has brought not only us but our daughters closer together.

one of the best

Great Photo Leo Fender

Nationwide Better Be On My Side

After experiencing a fender bender in the bank parking lot, we now get to deal with insurance adjusters and body shops right before the holiday season. Since this happened in a parking lot the police couldn’t do anything but write a report for us both to submit to each person’s insurance company. She backed into me, there is no way of getting around this one. I took pictures with my cell phone and made sure she did the same thing.

After waiting around all day for the insurance rep to arrive, we finally got a call telling us that the adjuster was running behind schedule and won’t be able to get to us until tomorrow.  Of course that ran Hubby into a tissy, he still isn’t feeling well and is mighty grumpy.

Hubby has been sick in the bed for a few days now and his back is hurting, wish we could afford a new bed that would be gentle on his back, the older he gets the worse it seems to bother him.

We will see what tomorrow brings us.