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Basement Discovery

I was in the basement earlier today, attempting to dig out some of the Christmas boxes, when I noticed an unfamiliar box on the shelf. I could not believe my eyes when I opened the box and found a Christmas present that we had bought our youngest for last Christmas, it appears that we neglected to wrap it and put it under the tree last year.

Well it’s one more gift that I don’t have to worry about affording and purchasing in the next week or two, and it will most definitely find it’s way under the tree in time for this year’s gift giving frenzy!

Internet Counseling – who would have thought

A co-worker that I have known for several years has been having troubles in her recent relationship even before they get married.  Their wedding date is scheduled to take place this autumn, which is really approaching quickly and now they are falling apart.  After numerous talks with her, I am glad to see that she is finally receiving some professional counseling, it just took me by surprise when she told me that she is doing on-line and on her lunch breaks.  That explains why we don’t see her too much around noontime anymore, bless her heart she has been in the other back room that has a PC set up so that employees may utilize it for their personal use, not the PCs at their work stations.

It seems that she is trying to get her finance into some counseling also, that has become a challenge, and not unusual, but in the mean time she is getting herself established with her counselor, Dr. Marty, while trying to keep the relationship from getting worse.

Now at our breaks, she talks to me a lot About Couples Counseling and how glad that she is doing the sessions on-line, and she assures me that the location of the counselor really isn’t important because they offer free-phone sessions also, so you can have the opportunity to speak to a human voice if when needed/wanted, that’s plus.

Dr. Marty has been a practicing therapist for over 30 years and does a variety of counseling, his web site is pretty impressive, and they are located in N.J. While they see patients in the office, they do a good amount on-line and via their toll free phone number.  So, Dr. Marty offers counseling sessions locally and across the country.

Personally I think all couples should receive premarital counseling, I know several couples that did and they are still married to this day.  Don’t care how long you have known each other and even if you have been living together, signing that legal piece of paper is a heavy responsibility that is so easy to get into and can be very troublesome getting out of.  Boy, I sound a bit like a preacher/mother, ugh!!!

Black Friday Savings

My oldest daughter and I always go to this one certain website about two weeks before Thanksgiving called This site lets people purchase Black Friday items online without the hassle of having to stand in line at the store at 5am at multiple stores. Last year  I saved probably around $3,000 for Christmas presents, and saved time, because we got our purchases off the computer instead of standing in line forever, waiting to go to the next store.

Pet Blogs

If I didn’t have to work full-time as well as having to take care of the house and the family I would consider starting a pet blog. I have seen many pet blogs that are so cool and interesting to read. Considering all the critters that we have here at the house there would be a lot of things to write about it. We have always had pets around here. I can’t image life without our best friends to share it with us.

we are animal lovers here

All Of Our Critters



Teenager Wants Contact Lenses

My teen doesn’t take care of herself, she is getting better, but responsibility isn’t one of her greatest features.

She was prescribed by our eye doctor a nice pair of glasses several years ago, and I swear I haven’t seen her ever wear them once.  They looked great at the doctor’s office but I guess they somehow turned “really ugly” on the way home from our visit!

She has been wanting contact lenses, the ones by acuvue oasys for some time now and I think we may need to be looking into it. I’ve done some researching on the Internet, of course, and have talked with some other parents who kids have them and after I speak with Hubby I guess I will need to call and make an appointment with the eye doctor, might as well get both kids checked, it has been a while.

I was referred to a company that has a web site that helped me make up my mind.  I must say that contact lenses have come a long way since I gave them a try a few decades ago, mind you, so I basically had to start as a beginner.  Their web site was a big help, it was easier than I expected, really.

Daughter wants her lenses to be tinted of course, I was expecting that, but no problem, the cost didn’t scare me away from the idea.  They have ‘Novelty Lenses” called Wild Eyes that seem really awesome, Hubby would flip for sure.  Anyway they offer lenses from the leading top manufactures of lenses so I could check out a variety of them, some with offers of up to 70% off retail prices.

One of my issues with contacts was how dry they made my eyes feel, from what I read, it looks like they have tackled that issue, everything states how moist they are.  Dry eyes are a real bummer.

So after we visit the doctor I will get online and use this fast, easy way to get her the lenses.  We can place her order with them and track the order as it goes, I might even be eligible for a rebate (I love rebates).  If all goes well I will continue to re-order her lenses from them since I will already have an account with there.  Sounds good to me, I’ll let you know.