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Living in New York City

It seems that if I could pick a city to live in, I would have to pick New York, N.Y., that is only if I didn’t have any children to deal with, unless I was rich and could afford a nanny full-time, now that would be cool.

My friend Nancy, whom I’ve known since Middle School is relocating due to her husband’s (Mike) new job is requiring them to live right in New York City, I am so envious us them.  They have been together for over 10 years, we call them Ken and Barbie because they resemble the doll characters so much.  Both are devoted Catholics and are waiting until they are in their 30’s to start a family, so they can have fun now and save up the money needed to raise their kids the right way, and of course they will be sent to a private Catholic schools in the best neighborhood known around.

So she sends me an email the other week, the subject line being “North Fork real estate properties”, I’m thinking what the heck is this about, getting ready to delete it thinking of course that it was spam, until I noticed who it was from.  Mike’s new firm recommended Prudential’s Douglas Elliman, New York’s largest real estate firm and Nancy was sending me the link to the web-site for me to check out.  Wow, what beautiful scenery and lovely properties to be found in the Big Apple.  Good thing the drive is only about a 5 hour one to get there because they are going to be taking that drive a few times, but being able to do so much right on their PC will be such a time saver and will make it less stressful at a time when stress is at it’s highest – moving time, ugh.

How Romantic Is This

My husband had planned out the most romantic celebration for our 20th anniversary two days ago, and I will never forget it for as long as I live. He called me at work early in the day and had told me that he loved me and couldn’t wait to see me later that day and of course it made my heart melt.

When I had came home, I walked into the door and there laid a beautiful cocktail dress he had wrapped up in pretty paper and gorgeous bow ties. It had a note on it telling me to change into it and meet him at a beauty parlor. So I had gotten dressed and went on my way to the beauty parlor where three girls were waiting outside with a sign up with my first name on it. I had walked up to them telling them I was Darlene and they had said “Lets get to work!”

They took me inside to where it was set up for a complete make over, which I have always wanted and they got to work on me. I was so excited to have a make over done, I mean what women wouldn’t be? After 2 hours of primping, they had put me in front of a huge mirror to where I could see the results. I was so shocked on how much of a great job these girls have done, I gave them a big hug and had thanked them, and they had relayed me a message from my husband telling me to go outside where a limo was waiting for me to take me to him.

We pulled up to a extraordinary and beautiful hotel where another woman was outside waiting for me to take me to a room. Well the room as soon as I came in, I had noticed over hundreds of rose petals scattered through out the room along with dozens of white candles every where lit up. My husband was waiting at the bar with a bottle of champagne and strawberries, which are my favorite, and had serenaded me for the rest of the evening. It was like a dream, and I loved every moment of it.

My Poor Old Couch

One of my concerns with all of the critters that have been brought into our home, is keeping the furniture, the carpet and actually the whole darned house clean. Considering that I am the only one that does any of the house cleaning around here this whole burden is mine to deal with.

My poor old couch, I have had to have it cleaned so many types and I’ve taken the sofa cushions and given them a nice spraying of Fabreze and a few hours of hanging up outside in the fresh air, when possible. I am thinking that it won’t be much longer before we need to seriously consider purchasing a new sofa for the living room. Maybe something to think about when tax time comes around next April.

thank god for febreze

Febreze To The Rescue

Basement Discovery

I was in the basement earlier today, attempting to dig out some of the Christmas boxes, when I noticed an unfamiliar box on the shelf. I could not believe my eyes when I opened the box and found a Christmas present that we had bought our youngest for last Christmas, it appears that we neglected to wrap it and put it under the tree last year.

Well it’s one more gift that I don’t have to worry about affording and purchasing in the next week or two, and it will most definitely find it’s way under the tree in time for this year’s gift giving frenzy!

Internet Counseling – who would have thought

A co-worker that I have known for several years has been having troubles in her recent relationship even before they get married.  Their wedding date is scheduled to take place this autumn, which is really approaching quickly and now they are falling apart.  After numerous talks with her, I am glad to see that she is finally receiving some professional counseling, it just took me by surprise when she told me that she is doing on-line and on her lunch breaks.  That explains why we don’t see her too much around noontime anymore, bless her heart she has been in the other back room that has a PC set up so that employees may utilize it for their personal use, not the PCs at their work stations.

It seems that she is trying to get her finance into some counseling also, that has become a challenge, and not unusual, but in the mean time she is getting herself established with her counselor, Dr. Marty, while trying to keep the relationship from getting worse.

Now at our breaks, she talks to me a lot About Couples Counseling and how glad that she is doing the sessions on-line, and she assures me that the location of the counselor really isn’t important because they offer free-phone sessions also, so you can have the opportunity to speak to a human voice if when needed/wanted, that’s plus.

Dr. Marty has been a practicing therapist for over 30 years and does a variety of counseling, his web site is pretty impressive, and they are located in N.J. While they see patients in the office, they do a good amount on-line and via their toll free phone number.  So, Dr. Marty offers counseling sessions locally and across the country.

Personally I think all couples should receive premarital counseling, I know several couples that did and they are still married to this day.  Don’t care how long you have known each other and even if you have been living together, signing that legal piece of paper is a heavy responsibility that is so easy to get into and can be very troublesome getting out of.  Boy, I sound a bit like a preacher/mother, ugh!!!