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Motorcycles & Spring Time

Hubby has been talking about buying a motorcycle for the past several years, the subject comes up right about this time of year, each and every year. With spring approaching in what will be in no time, the itch for going for a ride and enjoying life on the open road is so very tempting for the both of us.

I wouldn’t mind owning one one bit as long as it was a Harley Davidson and of course that is what is has in mind, not a new one mind you, but one that has low mileage and a low monthly payment would be nice. With the thought in mind that we should be getting a decent tax refund this year, we have been tossing around the idea of actually purchasing a Harley D.

Hubby has been surfing the net, looking to see what deals are out there and I have to tell you that there are some very tempting deals being offered. It seems that people are getting desperate for cash and motorcycles are being sold in an effort to pay the bills and the asking prices are very sweet indeed.

He has shown me a few of the ones that have caught his eye, there isn’t a shortage of bikes and bike parts for sale in this part of the state that we just may have to start checking out a bit more serious like in the near future.

 a dresse

A Nice Looking Used Harley Davidson

Shipping info (Mexico)

Before Mom & Dad retired and moved to Florida, they had run a successful shipping business for years and from time to time I would work for them when needed, so I had an opportunity to learn a bit about the packaging and shipping business.

While surfing the Internet I somehow got linked up to a website for the company Logistics Group International and it sparked my interest.  It specializes in heavy haul transportation, Van, flatbed, stepdeck, double drop, removable gooseneck and specialized heavy haul trucking, they offer their services in Mexico which is why it caught my attention I guess.  When I worked for the folks there seemed to be an issue at times with getting things to Mexico, what with customs and all. This Mexico freight company seems to be the answer the that old dilemma.

It is a pretty cool site, nicely set up, with a nice Power Point to download that shows you a lot of interesting things.  I’ll have to mention it to Mom & Dad next time we chat.

Fixing a Lunch Buffet

Had no idea I was going to have a house full of kids today but I’m glad I took the rest of the week off to be with the kids. We were hoping to get away for a couple of days, but hubby is busy with work and the kids seem more interested in staying home so they can play with their friends, so that’s fine, too.

With all these girls at our house I decided to fix a Mexican buffet for their lunch. I  cooked a big batch of ground beef and set out all the different fixings for a taco bar. I put out chopped tomato, chopped onion, shredded lettuce, salsa, shredded cheese, sour cream and both hard taco shells and soft tortillas. Since I love avocados, I made some fresh guacamole and put it out with Doritos chips.

Now I can let them fix their own food and disappear upstairs for some peace and quiet.

Arts & Crafts is a great hobby

When I was younger, my family was entirely into arts & crafts. It brought the family together and it was so much fun creating our own independent ideas and sharing them with everyone else. So today Im pulling out my old arts & crafts box and letting my imagination run wild and rapid. Maybe even get the kids to join in with me when they return from school.

crafting with the kids

Arts and Crafts

House Full of Little Girls

Our youngest asked if a few of her girl friends could come over today and play and then spend the night tonight, of course I said yes, even though it is a Sunday and tomorrow is Monday, it is no problem, school is our and I have off tomorrow and won’t have to worry about the kids being at the house by themselves.

I must say though, that she has a great group of friends, very low maintenance kids, noisy at times, and always hungry, other then that they are no problem to have over and it is good to hear the laughter of little girls all over the house, it makes me giggle hearing them all.

Ah too bad that youth is wasted on the young, isn’t it?