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Les Paul Online

We were so tickled to find that they have found a teacher to teach the guitar at my kid’s junior high school. There has been such a demand from students the past couple of years to teach the guitar that their persistence finally paid off and there is no a lot of anxious kids ready to learn. I found a good slash les paul pack at musician’s friend online along with various other musical sites that the Internet can now bring to any kid who has Internet access anything that they can dream of in an unlimited variety of options.

a great package deal

Epiphone Slash “AFD” Les Paul Guitar Outfit

I wish that I had taken some type of lessons back when I was a kid. I would love to be able to have what it takes to make music. It’s such a great talent that I admire in anyone that plays any type of instrument.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another

We had a major back up with our water system that made a complete and total mess that took forever to clean up. Well, at least it was clean water and not the sewer.

It was a few minutes ago when I went to the basement to do a few loads of laundry, when I found that my washer and dryer are not at all working! Hubby came down to take a look at it, and had told me that we needed to get a new washer and dryer, Ugh! If it’s not one thing, it’s another unfortunately. Guess I need to go on-line and start comparison shopping right away with the amount of laundry that this family goes through!

Driving Miss Daisy

Being a working mother makes it difficult to be able to watch an entire movie. If the phone rings or someone rings the doorbell it is me that gets up to tend to it and I’m always jumping up to get someone something to drink or eat or to switch the laundry to the dryer, etc……

Anyway, I could have sworn that I watched the entire movie “Driving Miss Daisy” years ago, but when I was flipping channels last night and found that this movie was the only thing on, I realized that I had missed most of the movie. Either that or my memory is worse than I though and I just don’t remember the darn thing. I’m glad that I watched it last night, it was a great movie.

a great movie

Driving Miss Daisy

Friends and Music

An best friend of mine I went to school with through out middle and high school, came to visit us last summer and we had a blast reconnecting after so many years. We haven’t been able to see each other as frequently as we used to due to us moving to different states and both having families. She also has a daughter that is around my daughter age, who came along with her to visit us.

During their visit we talked about so many things, but one thing that got us had all of our interests is playing the guitar a lot of it because of leo fender and his influence in music. Back in high school my friend and I played together after learning how to play by her brother and friends, that were in a garage band. Its the one thing that brought us closer over the years and now has brought not only us but our daughters closer together.

one of the best

Great Photo Leo Fender

Heard from girlfriend in Colorado

I got an email with the subject line of “legal funding”, I almost hit the delete button when I noticed that it wasn’t spam but an email from a girlfriend all the way back from Junior High School days.  She and her hubby moved a few years ago to Colorado and she is really good about keeping in touch with email.

They seem to love it out there, but it is so very unfortunate that exactly one year to the day that they moved out there, her hubby was involved in a pretty serious auto accident, to which he was not at fault, he was rear ended while sitting at a red light. His back and neck are both messed up pretty badly and of course he can’t work so the burden has been placed on her to keep the money coming in. And there he sits in pain and not being able to bring in any income, that is depressing I’m sure of that.

They will be receiving a nice large settlement some day but in the mean time they are really struggling to keep their brand new house from going to foreclosure.

But it seems that they were told about an option that they could use to help keep them going until the settlement happens. It seems there are companies that will loan you the money until you receive your settlement and you don’t have to start making payments until you start receiving your settlement and she was sending me the link to it in her excitement of finding out that there may be a way to help save the day.

I’ve heard of these companies, and they sound like they could be very helpful when you are in desperate need of losing your home and all that you treasure in life. I hope it works out for them.