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Eminence Speakers I Like It Spicy!

People that know me well, know that I do intend like it spicy. Life is just too short to take things too seriously. Music is one of the best things that help entertain me as well as keep me healthy, mentally and physically.

One of the best things my parents did for me was to keep me playing some type of musical instrument and having our next door neighbor willing to teach me on any of the various instruments that I was interested in learning. Mrs. Crandell played just about any instrument and had a great attitude about life and music that she passed along to numerous neighborhood kids through out the years.

Piano was the first thing that I wanted to play and I figured that if I could play the piano it would make the learning of any other instrument an easier task. After I had a decent understanding of the piano and was feeling pretty secure in my self I started with the weekly guitar lessons next door, using her kids electric guitar until I knew I was going to continue and then she would encourage my parents to go ahead a purchase an electric guitar all of my own.

That guitar and the eminence speakers made a huge difference in my life from that point on. One day I might buy another guitar but not any time soon. There are so many types of guitars on the market these days, I wouldn’t even know where to start.

speakers can make or break you

Eminence Patriot – Ragin’ Cajun

My Sister Drives Me Crazy!

My sister is a lot older than me, so we were never really close while growing up. She got married right away and moved out of the area with her new husband, who my parents could not stand. So I have not really had the advantages of being sisters with her.

But now that we are older, I was hoping we could rekindle a relationship. After all, we are family. But it can be days, if not weeks, before she returns my phone calls and emails. I hope it is because she is just very busy with her family, but I wonder if she just doesn’t even want a sister in her life?

sister we need to talk

Sisters Need To Talk

Girls Night Out!

I was thinking that tonight being a Friday night, that I was going to stay home and watch a little bit of TV and relax. Well one of my girlfriends from work had called me a few hours ago and wants me to go out with her to a nice bar/restaurant with two other girls from work.

Well I haven’t had a girls night out in a long time, I had no idea what to wear, so I asked my daughter to help me pick something out to wear that’s casual but formal. As soon as we got to the mall, she dragged me into an awesome store with beautiful night out outfits all around. I wanted the whole store, but my daughter within 2 minutes of searching brought me a beautiful baby blue night dress with Rhine stones that went around the neck, and my first thought was “Yeah right! Maybe 20 years ago!” But I went into the dressing room and tried it on, and come to find out I wasn’t disappointed at all.

I looked in that mirror and felt 25 again. When we came home, I tried it on and did my makeup and hair and went out to show my family I got a response I wasn’t expecting from my husband. He had said how beautiful I looked, and wished me to have a great time with the gals, and my daughter was smiling like she was proud, and my son was just plain out and out surprised.

Now I’m off to a great night out and enjoying the company of 3 wonderful girls whom I never thought would even talk to me, just for the fact that they are much younger and I’m much much older. But I do believe Ill have a wonderful time tonight, and maybe get a few good friends out of it too.

Day of Swimming

This has got to be the hottest summer ever that I remember since moving here. What ever happened to the nice summer days that could be spent outdoors and enjoy the sun without having to worry about passing out from the heat and humidity.

The kids have been pestering me to take them to the city pool, so we decided that today, the whole family was going to pack up and spend the day having fun in the sun and pool water. It was too bad that I woke up from a horrible night of not being able to sleep and I was in no mood to go in public and deal with all that it takes to spend a day at the pool.

So hubby stayed home with me, while the oldest picked up all their friends and went for the first time to the pool with out one of us going along with. It worked out find, the had a blast and I rested up a bit and am feeling much better!

Why Don’t Men Like Dr. Phil

I’ve never been much of an Oprah fan, I mean she has and does great things and in my opinion, she is a wonderful woman – I just never got into watching her talk show.  I know that she is responsible for Dr. Phil’s successful T.V. talk show, which I usually enjoy watching, if I am at home to watch it.

For a while there, he was boring me with what seemed to be nothing but unhappily married couples day after day, which I tired of quickly, and I know that at times he can appear very full of himself, but for the most part his show can, and does, stimulate my mind while being entertained, to boot!

I do notice that a good majority of men bash Dr. Phil and it really puzzles me. Hubby even dislikes watching the show and carries on about how Dr. Phil isn’t really a shrink and isn’t licensed, and then he spouts off something about how he is really just a botanist,  I’m not sure where he came up with that info, and I’ve given up on trying to figure that one out.

So when it comes to watching a talk show that Hubby and I both enjoy, I must admit that the winner is ELLEN , hands down.