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Large Families

I come from a fairly large family with brothers and sisters that do all kinds of things and have lived in all kinds of places.  As a kid I did not enjoy having so many siblings, I was not a very happy child, lonely as can be, even with all those other kids around.

Now that I am older I am grateful for each and every one of them. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them all.  Each one has assisted me in one disaster or another in some way or another. And I in turn will do anything that I can for them when they are in need.

Hubby comes from a large family also, it is unfortunate that they are not as close to each other as mine are, and are not always willing to come to each others aid when needed, such a shame because they each have so many talents and skills to offer also. But we were raised that family always comes first and they take care of each other no matter what.

My family has a plumber, a car mechanic, an electrician, a construction worker, a heating & air conditioning specialist, a writer, an office worker, a computer whiz, an engineer, a tax preparer, a car sales person, a school bus driver, a package & shipping specialist and the list goes on as they all move around in their careers and locations. Each and everyone would be there for me if I needed them, gotta love it!

Monday, ugh….

Had to stay home from work today, Hubby is still ill and we are having the coldest temperatures we’ve experienced since the ending of last winter, I think I’ll light a fire in the fireplace tonight. Got a call first thing this a.m. from the insurance company and they are sending a claims representative out today to check out the fallen tree in the back yard.

I’m not looking forward to going outside to the backyard in this harsh temperature with him, and poor Hubby insists on getting bundled up so he can join us and ask questions also.  Looks like I will need plenty of chicken soup to get us through this one, hot chocolate for me though! I love this old sign that is hanging in my kitchen, that I picked up years ago at a yard sale for a buck fifty! I’m glad that I can take a picture of it and have it posted on here for everyone to read, not just the ones that land in my kitchen. And believe me there isn’t a line of folks just itching to get in! LOL!

both are great to have on hand

Chocolate vs Chicken Soup


Looking Forward To a Slow Week

I only am scheduled for two shifts this week at the mall, Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon, I’ve been lucky lately and haven’t worked a week-end for well over a month, so I guess I can’t complain too much.

My brother has emailed me that he has a PC for me and will coming up for a visit soon and bring it with so that he can set it up and hook it up, ready, set, go, 1,2,3 and all of that.  I guess it will be going onto the dining room table, we never use it to eat on anyway, maybe once a month, if that, we all sit down together.  At least I will be close to the kitchen, bathroom, front and back door, right smack dab in the middle of the house, easily accessible to everyone that is so dependent on me for every single little thing.  Oh my, I sound a bit resentful don’t I?

I hope the weather will be consistent this week, it needs to make up it’s mind if we are going to be hot or cold, wet or dry, I could plan my week a little better if I knew what to expect.  Guess we will find out the old fashioned way, wait and see.

Internet Counseling – Who Would Have Thought

A co-worker that I have known for several years has been having troubles in her recent relationship even before they get married.  Their wedding date is scheduled to take place this autumn, which is really approaching quickly and now they are falling apart.  After numerous talks with her, I am glad to see that she is finally receiving some professional counseling, it just took me by surprise when she told me that she is doing on-line and on her lunch breaks.  That explains why we don’t see her too much around noontime anymore, bless her heart she has been in the other back room that has a PC set up so that employees may utilize it for their personal use, not the PCs at their work stations.

It seems that she is trying to get her future husband into some counseling also, that has become a challenge, and not unusual, but in the mean time she is getting herself established with her counselor, Dr. Marty, while trying to keep the relationship from getting worse.

Now at our breaks, she talks to me a lot About Couples Counseling and how glad that she is doing the sessions online, and she assures me that the location of the counselor really isn’t important because they offer free-phone sessions also, so you can have the opportunity to speak to a human voice if when needed/wanted, that’s plus. If she isn’t talking about the counseling she’s all excited about the great wedding tablecloths at that she ordered and should be arriving here real soon, then she will basically have everything under control if they still planning on the grand ceremony that she has spent so much time and money on.

Personally I think all couples should receive premarital counseling, I know several couples that did and they are still married to this day.  Don’t care how long you have known each other and even if you have been living together, signing that legal piece of paper is a heavy responsibility that is so easy to get into and can be very troublesome getting out of.  Boy, I sound a bit like a preacher/mother, ugh!!!

Playing in the rain

This weather has made it a challenge for the kids to be playing outside, enjoying their week end off from school. We have been experiencing severe thunder and lightening storms, but the temperature is still on the high side of being in the 90’s and all of the kids and their friends what to go outside and jump on the trampoline and play outside.

I remember as a kid, my mother never allowed us to play in the rain, never, I guess she was afraid of one of us getting sick and then the rest of us would get sick and then my mother would have to deal with all of these sick kids.

I on the other hand encourage my kids to go outside and play in the rain, as long as it isn’t the least bit chilly and that there isn’t any lightening going on. I believe there is no reason in the world for them not to unless they would become wet and cold from it. But a good play in the nice warm rain when it is hot outside is good for everybody, that is my story and I’m sticking with it.

So when all of the kids are whining about it raining out and them not being able to play outside, I tell them go ahead and go and have a blast doing it, just be careful.