AKG K2440 Headphones

July 16, 2014

This year when my birthday rolls around I have an idea of what say to the people that ask me what I want as a birthday gift. Most years I tell them that I don’t really want or need anything and I usually get some type of bubble bath, body lotion, perfumed soaps and other […]

%&#@$$$ car repair…..

June 25, 2014

I missed the phone call this morning from my car repair guy, but did find the message in my Voice Mail later in the afternoon and so I called as soon as I got the message. The guy I needed to talk to had left for the day, but I spoke with another gentleman who […]

My love affair with chocolate

June 13, 2014

As I’ve written before about my newly found love, once again,¬†for¬†chocolate, I have decided that I am going to start looking around for new treats for me to try out, and what better way to search, than the Internet of course. I have been looking around and bookmarking several websites that look appealing and that […]

Cousin Emailed Me

June 8, 2014

I have so many cousins running around out there, all scattered all across the United States, not to many have stuck around the Virginia area at all. I have this one cousin who I became close with in my teen years because he played in a band, I used to go and listen and dance […]

Good Old Fashioned Elbow Grease

May 28, 2014

Okay, I have to admit that when I was told to go to the website of I had no idea that it was about having someone come into the house and have it cleaned spic and span like. But alas that is what this site is all about. I think every working mother should […]