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Personal Safety Devices

I’m thinking that it may be a good idea for either me or my parents to look into and buy pepper spray for my now teen aged kid sister. She only last week turned 13 and is just starting to get into the social scene, going to the mall with friends, attending a few parties here and there, well chaperoned I’m sure. But none the less I think that she should really consider carrying some type of personal safety device and know when and how to use it, if necessary.

I’m sure that we could find something useful online, and will look into it and speak with my mother about it next time we talk. I’m not there to keep a good eye out on her and it is a wacky world out there and she is a prime target at her age.

gotta protect our girls

Guardian Angel for Girls

RV Covers

My mom and dad have a great RV that is basically a Toyota truck cab and engine and a short stack camper in the back. The camper has a queen size bed, small table and bench seat (that folds out to another bed), tiny kitchen and a full bathroom with shower. This camper is about half the size of the Airstream camper that we used to take on the road when I was a kid, so we call it “The Mini.”

My folks don’t travel as much as they used, so “The Mini” has been parked in the back yard of their summer place for several months, next to the Airstream. I decided that buying RV Covers would be a good anniversary gift for them. The covers are easy to put on and will keep them clean. Their anniversary is next month, so I will check out the covers on Camping World’s web site and see if they have the right fit for the two campers.

I was thinking about doing this for Christmas, but came up with a different idea for that holiday, leaving it an option to fall back on for the other numerous gift giving occasions that come up through out the year.


Lyrics for Rap and Hip Hop

Music is life and life is music, I can’t imagine my life without music, in fact since my mom was a dancer and my father was in a band, I wouldn’t even be here without music. Hubby and I both enjoy all kinds of music and I have instilled the love of all music in our kids the best that we could.

Our teenager has always enjoyed music, like most kids do, and now she listens to this new musical concept called “Rap.” I really am not a fan of this type of music although now and then I will hear something that I enjoy bouncing around to, but not too often.

I was on the Internet the other day and was looking up the words to a song that my father would have me sing as a kid called “Little Sir Echo” and I was surprised how easy it was to find them with all of the sites out there now that help you in your search of song titles and lyrics.

This isn’t the best video that I could find but for some reason it interested me.

The 5 cheapest places to rent in America

Saw this on the t.v. this a.m. and so I the found the article on it, I thought that this was an interesting finding and wanted to share the info with you.  According to NBC news:

The 5 cheapest places to rent in America are

  1. Wichita, Kan.  $470 a month
  2. Oklahoma City $490 a month
  3. Tulsa, Okla. $520 a month
  4. Knoxville, Tenn. $560 a month
  5. Dayton, Ohio $570 a month

I can only imagine what the most expensive areas are, I can honestly tell you that my neighborhood isn’t in any of them.


There is a lot of shade in my yard, which is one reason I have a hard time getting any flowers, vegetables or even shrubs to grow. And now it turns out that there are a lot of different mushrooms that want to grow in my yard. I have seen 4 totally different types in different spots in my yard. I have to figure out how to get rid of them. I guess first I have to ID the different ones and then go to the hardware store to see what they have to kill them off.

I don’t like any type of mushrooms.

nothing good comes with mushrooms

Yucky Mushrooms