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Art Galleries Right On The Internet!

Hubby is totally a typical “blue collar worker” in the fact that has no interest what so ever in the Arts, but I have always loved going to Art Museums and Galleries when given the opportunity. I have my parents to thank for that, we used to go a lot when I was a kid and learned to appreciate good works of art.

I was so happy to run across the website of cruiseartgallery dot com which advertises it is the “Home to the largest collection of fine art in the world.” And that “Park West Gallery conducts fine art auctions throughout the United States and Canada.”

I know that I will not have an opportunity, any time soon, to visit this wonderful Gallery, so I’m so very happy that the website gives you the opportunity to view a large selection of artwork by several talented artists such as Peter Nixon, Maracus Glenn, Andrew Bone and Charles Lee, in which I am just naming a few.

I don’t think my parents would have ever dreamed that one day you could own your own home computer and with a few key strokes have the chance to see such a wonderful thing right there in your own home, I know I wouldn’t have believed it back then either.

Plush Amplifiers

When I hear the word plush I think of something that is extremely pricey. So when I found out that I could buy plush amplifier at for less than $50, I was excited.  I really can’t afford a whole lot for numerous birthday presents that are up and coming in the month of September. The month of September and the month of March are chalk full of birthdays and anniversaries. As much as I try and budget for these extremely popular celebrations that require a gift there never seems to be enough to spread around as I would like it to.

Even $50 bucks is a bit more than I would like to spend on this particular gift for this particular family member, but I know how much he has been wanting one and I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he opens it up and realizes just what it is!

And to think that Christmas is right around the corner. My list of people to buy for this year is getting slashed. I am determined not to use any of my credit cards this year for the whole holiday season(s). It’s gonna be cash and carry. Since I don’t have much cash I don’t think I’ll have a problem carrying much of anything!

Today At The Park

My husband and I had time alone since both of the kids were at friends houses for the night, so we took a walk in the park and seen actions that unfortunately happens a lot. A black man was laying down on one the benches that was near the walk way and a white man walked by him while were as well, just the opposite way of him though, and had heard the white man call the black man an N-Word, and told him to get a job.
He just kept going off with these awful words to use to anyone, especially someone you don’t even know. I think it is so outrageous how people treat one another these days still, why cant people just accept the fact that we are all living beings, and need to start treating each other with equal respect. Why be ignorant for any reason?

South African Hunting Adventures Anyone

How about we pack up and head out for a really cool once in a lifetime adventure and try our hand in hunting big game in Africa.  My brother and his buddies went a few years back and he highly recommends using T. Jeffrey Safari Company, LLC a full time, full service, hunting and sport fishing consultancy.

I went online and see that they have a great website that offers big game hunting safari trips to Africa.  They can help arrange a hunt here in North America but if you are going to do it, might as well do it right and they offer such bargains for several traditional African Hunting safaris as well as numerous Namibia safari hunting trip packages that are all-inclusive, in the Southern part of Africa.

The variety of programs that they have to offer is amazing, everything you ever need is there in order to get your trip up and going.  I am amazed that there are so many women into this type of hunting such big game as leopard, cape buffalo, lion, elephant and rhinoceros.  So I guess if they can do it there is no reason that I can’t give it try, but I don’t want to go by myself that is for sure.



Mystery Shopping Solutions

From what I understand it doesn’t really matter what your mystery shopping objective is, BestMark has mystery shopping solutions that will partner you and develop a program that is designed to provide you with hard, actionable data using state of the art technologies and proven shop methodologies.

If you have a need or an interest in this I would urge you to check it out, you will be amazed with what they have to offer, Mystery Shopping saves everyone in all sorts of ways and gives you a chance to improve your business’s customer status and it’s financial estates.