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Allergy season is upon us

The past few couple of weeks I have been hearing a lot of sneezing going on, here at home, at the mall, at the grocery store and of course at the hospital, where we spent so much time at last week.  Every single person was complaining that their allergies were kicking in, tis the season.

My youngest has had allergies for several years and gets an allergy shot once a month and takes a small little pill once a day and it seems to be working rather well.  I took her off of the pill for a few months during the winter, but I think we need to start her back up again so that she doesn’t start up like everyone else around is.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, it made it to the 70’s and today is supposed be the just as nice.  I hope we are done with the snow and freezing temperatures once and for all.  I am itching to get outside and start working on the yard and the gardens, and boy do they need work – it was a hard winter on our yard this year – lots of strong winds made it worse.


This morning I had gone to the little gas station down the street from my house, and purchased a drink called Monster thinking it was just to boost you up a little bit for the day ahead.

Well after about 5 hours after drinking it, I had experienced jittery bursts out of no where, and I couldn’t stop thinking about everything at the quick speed it was going. I got so ahead of myself that I dropped hot coffee all over my white blouse I had on.

Now I’m worn out and I feel like I ran 8 miles with no break, about to pass out. Be aware of these drinks they cant be too healthy for you.

crash and burn drink

Energy Drink Buzz

My Crock Pot Is My Best Friend

I don’t know what I would do with out my slow cooking Crock Pot, now that I know so many ways to use it, I find myself pulling it out from under the counter more and more as time goes by. Today is a perfect day to put it to use, they way it spills the aroma all through out the house in wonderful and keeps everyone from wondering too far from the house come dinner time, puts a smile on my face.

Today I am cooking four nice pork chops (boneless & lean) along with 2 cans of candid yams and a couple sliced apples with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a bit of brown sugar. I’m browning the pork chops right now in the oven before putting them in the crock pot, I like that texture much better and I’m always concerned that I’m going to serve some one an under cooked piece of chicken or pork, so I tend to over cook them both, but the family still enjoys them all, along with me.

it turns me on

My Crock Pot

How To Buy A Guitar

There are so many types of guitars out there these days, thank goodness for the Internet to help guide people on how to buy a guitar. Now that all of the Christmas hub bub is over and done with, I think I will start considering getting a guitar. Of course I am going to have to find a place that gives guitar lessons in town. I don’t think I have the patience to learn how to play one on my own.

There are a couple of places that I have in mind to check out, but first I have to find the perfect Gibson Electric Guitar, which just might be an autograph model that I found on Musician’s Friends website. It has to be a Gibson or else my grandfather would turn over in his grave. He was a hard core Paul Gibson guitar player and wouldn’t consider any other type of guitar for him or anyone else that he could influence with his obsession.

what a beauty

Gibson Custom Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess Electric Guitar Royal Crimson

I really like the look of this Royal Crimson Gibson. I’m getting so excited but am having a hard time making a decision, as usual. It’s the Libra in me that makes it hard to decide on just about anything. And for this amount of money I really need to make a good educated choice.

Researching Web Hosts

Hubby has been increasingly interested in getting up and creating his own web-site and has been doing a bunch of asking around folks and doing a good amount of researching on the Internet about which web hosting company to go with. Word of mouth is the best advertising, as always, but the Internet is a great way to go these days.

I’ve even started checking out a few things myself so that I will be able to talk with him about this issue and hopefully it will help me sound like I know what I am talking about and we can learn together, this will be an adventure, I’m sure.