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What’s Up With A Console Cable?

Hubby tells me that we need to order a console cable but he seems to enjoy keeping in the dark as to why we need it (could he be up to something, hmm, something to think about)

He asked me to go online, he gave me the website diablocable dot com to go to and has asked me to just order him one up. This is not an unusual request seeing as I am the only one with a charge/debit card which is needed to make purchases online, and he has no patience when it comes to ordering items on line, but he always lets me know the who, what and where of it all when I do it for him.

Only thing that I can come up with is maybe he is working up something special for my birthday, that is coming up very soon, next month if I remember correctly. I guess time will tell and for now I’ll play his little game.

Old Videos

Thinking about my daughter and her previous beauty pageants made me think of the videos that we have somewhere in the house of her in those pageants. I am going to have dig around and see if I can find them. We have a whole box of home movies that are on VHS, I would love to have converted into DVDs. I’m going to have to look into that and see how much work that would entail, let’s face it, there is work involved in anything these days!

My Poor Old Couch

One of my concerns with all of the critters that have been brought into our home, is keeping the furniture, the carpet and actually the whole darned house clean. Considering that I am the only one that does any of the house cleaning around here this whole burden is mine to deal with.

My poor old couch, I have had to have it cleaned so many types and I’ve taken the sofa cushions and given them a nice spraying of Febreeze and a few hours of hanging up outside in the fresh air, when possible. I am thinking that it won’t be much longer before we need to seriously consider purchasing a new sofa for the living room. Maybe something to think about when tax time comes around next April.

Not Just Pimples

With two teenagers in the house, we have had our share of drama when the dreaded pimples appear. It always seems to be at the critical times, like right before a school dance or an important first date with that oh so cool guy.

I admit, Acne is not a life or death situation, but to a teenager, a breakout of acne can ruin their social life and after all, that’s what the teen years are all about.


Drama, Drama, Drama

Problems with Pictures

I have wanted to post a few pictures of my daughter that I have been speaking about her cheer leading, I had tried to a few weeks ago and couldn’t and forgot all about it. Then I decided just now to try again and I’m not being successful at all.

I guess I will have to ask Hubby to come and see what I am doing wrong. I hate asking him for computer help, he has no patience what so ever and I know that it is going to end up with him fussing and cussing (loudly at that) and we will hear a lot of banging and clanging and it usually works out that he has solved the problem. But there are times where he can’t fix it and then we have to call my brother and it can take weeks to get him to come and help us out, but beggars can’t be choosy so they say.