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How To Buy A Guitar

Even if I did know how to play the guitar I don’t think I would know what type to use. There are so many types of guitars out there these days, thank goodness for the Internet to help guide people on how to buy a guitar.

After all of this Christmas hub bub is over and done with, I think I will start considering getting a guitar. Of course I am going to have to find a place that gives guitar lessons in town. I don’t think I have the patience to learn how to play one on my own. There are a couple of places that I have in mind to check out, next year (which is only 24 days away).

Internet Counseling – who would have thought

A co-worker that I have known for several years has been having troubles in her recent relationship even before they get married.  Their wedding date is scheduled to take place this autumn, which is really approaching quickly and now they are falling apart.  After numerous talks with her, I am glad to see that she is finally receiving some professional counseling, it just took me by surprise when she told me that she is doing on-line and on her lunch breaks.  That explains why we don’t see her too much around noontime anymore, bless her heart she has been in the other back room that has a PC set up so that employees may utilize it for their personal use, not the PCs at their work stations.

It seems that she is trying to get her finance into some counseling also, that has become a challenge, and not unusual, but in the mean time she is getting herself established with her counselor, Dr. Marty, while trying to keep the relationship from getting worse.

Now at our breaks, she talks to me a lot About Couples Counseling and how glad that she is doing the sessions on-line, and she assures me that the location of the counselor really isn’t important because they offer free-phone sessions also, so you can have the opportunity to speak to a human voice if when needed/wanted, that’s plus.

Dr. Marty has been a practicing therapist for over 30 years and does a variety of counseling, his web site is pretty impressive, and they are located in N.J. While they see patients in the office, they do a good amount on-line and via their toll free phone number.  So, Dr. Marty offers counseling sessions locally and across the country.

Personally I think all couples should receive premarital counseling, I know several couples that did and they are still married to this day.  Don’t care how long you have known each other and even if you have been living together, signing that legal piece of paper is a heavy responsibility that is so easy to get into and can be very troublesome getting out of.  Boy, I sound a bit like a preacher/mother, ugh!!!

Black Friday Savings

My oldest daughter and I always go to this one certain website about two weeks before Thanksgiving called This site lets people purchase Black Friday items online without the hassle of having to stand in line at the store at 5am at multiple stores. Last year  I saved probably around $3,000 for Christmas presents, and saved time, because we got our purchases off the computer instead of standing in line forever, waiting to go to the next store.

Pet Blogs

If I didn’t have to work full-time as well as having to take care of the house and the family I would consider starting a pet blog. I have seen many pet blogs that are so cool and interesting to read. Considering all the critters that we have here at the house there would be a lot of things to write about it. We have always had pets around here. I can’t image life without our best friends to share it with us.

we are animal lovers here

All Of Our Critters



Rest Room Rules

At our office, the restrooms are the kind of room where there is only one commode, and one sink, and when you go into the room you lock the door behind you. If you don’t lock the door behind you, you could be embarrassed if someone opens the door. No privacy stall or wall of any kind. I was taught that when a door is closed, you knock on the door before you open it, and wait a moment to see if anyone answers before you open the door.

Well, at our office it appears that no one else was taught that because everyone simply tries to open the door, without knocking first. I am always annoyed when I am in the restroom and I hear someone trying to turn the doorknob to come in, without knocking first. I think that is very rude! I always call out “just a minute” but I still think it is very rude!